Becoming A More Connected Educator


connected educator


My Definition of a Connected Educator

1. Being able to learn and share ideas with many other educators from various towns, cities, states, and countries.

2. A connected educator is as much a learner as they are a teacher. They practice and model lifelong learning.


It is important for every educator and administrator to continuously seek professional growth in order to best provide our students with the best education possible. We must model what we expect our students to be able to do and remain relevant in education by demonstrating our openness to change. To be transformational, school teachers and administrators must be change agents.

7 Ways to Become More Connected

1. Attend various professional developments each year and at different places.

2. Use more interdisciplinary units with colleagues in your school.

3. Be a reflective educator.

4. Be more open to explore, collaborate, and question current educational practices.

5. Learn more about Web 2.0 tools Ex: blogs, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

6. Join a social network and create a PLN.

7. Slowly integrate more technology into classes and school: HoverCam, QR Codes, Vimeo, iMovie, Digital Newspaper, etc.


***See below and click link for full presentation given to Assistant Principals at MSSAA Conference on 4/6/15

Connected Educator Presentation

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