Benefits of Using Social Media In Schools


social media

After spending several years questioning the use of social media and believing it was a distraction, I changed my opinion. I spoke with several administrators that helped me look at this using a very different lens. My good friend Bill Burkhead @BurkheadBill gave me exposure to the benefits of twitter and blogs and how they can improve professional communication and educational growth. I now use these along with Linkedin, edWeb, and Flickr. I can honestly say this has been the fastest way I have acquired information and connected with professionals in my career. So how can this help your students? Using technology like social media in classes helps to engage students, differentiates materials, helps with collaboration, improves knowledge in a rapid manner, improves student interactions with peers and teachers, helps many special education students filter out distractions using certain web tools and APS like @Socrative and QR Reader. These tools also improve family and community engagement, and administrators can quickly showcase their school by uploading and sharing out pictures via Twitter. Professionals also create and share many educational documents via the Internet using social media @Edutopia. Although I have jumped in with both feet and really believe in the importance of blended learning, I still do also believe students need to be well-rounded, and they need to learn balance and responsibility, so putting down the electronics and using old-fashioned reading and writing has merit. Students also need real-time face-to-face interactions to improve social skills. Finland does this with much success. Basic skills should always be maintained and enhanced for true student development. For more pros and cons visit this link

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